How To DIY A Living Plant Pendant

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Have you seen all of the different pins on the Marimo Moss Balls? These cute golf ball sized moss plants are being used in everything from fish tanks to vases to terrariums. There are countless pins from etsy and amazon for necklaces and bio orbs that are drop dead gorgeous, however, these items appear to be sealed once assembled. This is unfortunate because in order for these plants to stay vibrant and healthy they need to have their water changed out once a week.

The following is a tutorial on how to setup a necklace terrarium that can be opened for fresh water changes as needed.

Materials Needed:

- A screw top bottle. This can be either glass or plastic, which ever you choose just make sure it comes with an orifice reducer with no hole in it. If you do essential oils then chances are you have one already. Can it be the ones that have a hole in the center? No, unfortunately not. The orifice reducer will act as a plug and keep your keepsake from leeking all over the place. The lid can have a tiny eyelet screw added to the top if it doesn't already come that way to allow it to hang on a necklace or ribbon. You can find a large assortment on eBay and Hobby Lobby. 
- The Marimo Moss Ball- I know that they are sold at pet stores. I found mine at Petsmart already starting to separate into two. I have also been told that you can find them at craft stores but have not verified this information.

- Decorations- Just about anything can be used, glitter-check to see if it floats or sinks, tiny shells are great, tiny bits of coral, even tiny charms. If it will fit inside the mouth of the bottle you can pretty much use it.

- Water- You can use tap water, bottled water, fish tank water, whatever you have on hand, the only thing you want to be careful of is chlorine. It is pretty much the only thing known to kill it.

So, have you got everything you need? Great! Let's put it all together.


1) Make sure that your bottle is clean and ready to fill. Wipe it out with a Q-Tip to be sure there are no oily residues inside. Also this would be a good time to check the decorations to see if any need to be cleaned or wiped down before being added to the bottle.

2) The fun part! It's time to add your decor. If you are adding sand you will want to use either a small funnel or a piece of paper rolled into the shape of a funnel to pour the sand into the bottle. Add one item at a time keeping in mind that the majority of the items will sink to the bottom so you won't want to over crowd your moss ball.


3) Add the marimo moss. If you bought the moss from the pet store then you will most likely have the large, about the size of a golf ball, moss ball. The moss ball is made up of lots of tiny strands of moss rolled into a loose ball. To get a tiny ball that will fit inside the mouth of your bottle simply pinch a small section of moss and gently pull outwards. You will have one or several strands between your fingertips now. Slowly and gently roll this into a ball, adding more strands or taking away strands as needed until the desired size is achieved.

     Once you have your marimo ready gently push it inside the mouth of the bottle. It will slide a little bit but don't be surprised if you can't get it to go down all of the way. I found the tip of a Q-Tip or unfolded end of a paper clip is perfect for pushing it the rest of the way into the bottle.

4) Next, fill with water up to the very top. If you used sand you will want to aim for the side of the bottle and use a slow gentle stream or flow so as not to stir up the sand to bad. If you do, just let the bottle sit for about twenty minutes or so and the sand will settle to the bottom. If the moss ball is sandy you can use the Q-Tip stick to brush off the sides of the moss ball.

5) Carefully push the orifice reducer into the bottle and screw the lid on.

6) Enjoy your new Marimo Moss Ball Necklace! necklace

Tip: Dont' forget to change the water once a week and remember, the moss ball likes dim indirect light. For a fast reference as to whether your moss ball is getting enough light or not, White specks means too much sun light, Brown spots means not enough sunlight, Green means it's healthy and happy.

The one on the left is a healthy moss ball that I have had in my necklace for over a year now. The other is a moss ball that has had too much sun exposure ( my mom's Windows get bright direct sunlight!) both were made from the same original marimo moss ball from Petsmart. 

I hope you all find this tutorial useful. If you have any questions, tips or suggestions for future posts I would love to hear from you, just leave me a comment in the comments section and I will personally reply. Thanks so much and don't forget to check out my boards on Pinterest for other nifty and cool ideas! Have a great day!








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