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Posted by Brenda Hobby on puppets
     Hi guys. So today I thought I would show you what I am currently working on. These are a couple of puppets from one of our local churches. puppets
As you can tell they have been in storage for quite some time and their hair has become really tangled and frizzy. The plan is to either detangle the hair or to replace it with something that is a little easier to care for. puppet
     I started on this one first. Her hair wasn't quite as bad as the other. I started off on Pinterest looking for ways to detangle hair. Got multiple hits for natural hair, African American hair, dry hair, and lastly Barbie Hair. I then tried to find puppet hair, nothing. Wigs pulled up a lot of random hits but nothing that would help. American Girl Doll has several tutorials on how to care for their hair. So what I was able to find was a combination approach using a little fabric softener diluted in water.

The Process fabric softener
      I filled a large pot with hot water and a little fabric softener. The pot was just big enough for the head to fit inside. pot
The pot was then placed in my mud sink next to my washer and dryer. I laid the puppet on a towel on the washer with the head hanging off and placed the hair up to but over the hair line. I let the hair soak in the mixture for 30 minutes to an hour. I set a timer and gathered my other supplies for the next step. I got a small spray bottle and filled it with the same fabric softener and water mixture and two different sized combs and a pair of scissors for the knots that won't comb out.

     Once the timer went off I squeezed the excess water out of the hair, careful to squeeze not wring or pull which could damage the hair, and placed it on the towel to catch any drips. I carried it to the table where all of my supplies were gathered.
Starting in the back I sectioned off a few strands and started combing. You always start at the tip or end of the strand and slowly work your way up the hair.
     When you reach a knot try to work it down the strand as close to the end as you can. If it won't comb out it will need to be trimmed. Most of the hair was damp at the start but it quickly started drying. I was able to do several strands before it dried out too much. Just a quick spray with the spray bottle and I was back in business. As you can see the hair is extremely curly and most of the hair kept it's curls but every once in a while I came across a strand that was completely straight. All I had to do was spray it with a little water mixture and twist it around a drinking straw and secure it with a twist tie. The hair once it had completely dried kept the curl after the straw was removed.
    So far I am about 1/3 of the way through with this one so it will take a little while to finish both but I will post an update with pictures once I am done. Well, that's what I am working on right this second, what are you currently into? Drop me a line in the comments section I would love to hear what you are into right now and thanks so much for stopping by. Don't forget to check back regularly for new posts and updates!


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