All Natural Herbal Remedies

Made fresh in the kitchen using essential oils, fresh and dried herbs from the garden and woods (collected and dried myself) to ensure that you only get the most effective natural remedy for whatever you are looking for!

Fresh herbs, medicinal plants and essential oils have the awesome ability offer safe, effective all natural relief to all of life's most common ailments with little to no side effects whatsoever! 

Though the selection is small right now, all items listed here are time-tested, trusted and loved by friends, family members and customers alike! And new items are added periodically so check back or drop me a message if you are looking for something specific. 


Shipping is typically 5-7 days, expedited is available upon request.  


Disclaimer: the FDA requires the following statement. 

I am not a doctor, I don't claim to be a doctor, I do not replace the doctor! I am not nor do I claim to treat, prevent, or diagnose any illnesses. (I don't care how many doctor shows my husband watches!) If you know that you are sick, think you are sick, might be coming down with something, please, see your family physician! If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult a qualified physician before taking any herbs or supplements.

When it comes to your health, be smart! Do your own research! Don't just take my word for something. A lot of people out there have good intentions but not everyone does the needed research to ensure that what they are offering you is safe.


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