My Story

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        My name is Brenda and I am a stay at home mother to three precious boys. I live in the Deep South and have been using herbs and natural remedies for over ten years.

     My boys are the main reason why I developed the teething balm. When my first child was born people told us about nettle root and how to make it into a necklace. When he started to show signs of teething we didn't have any nettle root so we tried over the counter meds instead. But they weren't that effective. Tylenol helped but I didn't want to give it to the baby round the clock when his teething got really bad.

     My husband finally found some nettle and made our first necklace. It was a god send! It made a huge difference just within minutes of wearing. He was no longer irritable, and he wasn't drooling as much. He wasn't chewing on everything like he had been and even started playing again. And it was easy to recognize when he pulled it off! Which unfortunately was every five minutes once he figured out how to grab and pull on it.

    Then, one day the string got hung up on a button on the back of his shirt but we didn't see it. We tried to take his shirt off to get him a fresh one but wouldn't come off. It took a minute to realize that every time we tried to raise  the shirt over his head it would cause the necklace to choke the baby. And the string wasn't breaking like it was supposed to. Needless to say that upset me greatly.

     I kept thinking there had to be a better way to do this. A safer way. What if it had hung up on a toy or in his crib? There had to be a way to get the teething relief out of the root without wearing that string around the neck. 

     I began researching what it was in nettle that was so effective in relieving teething symptoms and the different ways to extract it. What would be the effective form to deliver the nettle. A lotion? A gel? If it were like lip balm it would be easy to apply, there would be no mess and I could it one handed while holding a squirming toddler. 

      Thus, Sweet Relief teething balm was born. The first time I used it on my son, I kid you not, he stopped being irritable within five minutes of applying, and at the ten minute mark he fell asleep and slept peacefully for four hours. I could not believe how effective the balm worked and how fast the effects could be seen. 

I now have three beautiful boys. I have used this teething balm on all three of them. My youngest just turned two and is currently cutting his two year molers. This balm is every bit as effective on the two year molars as it was with the first teeth they got.


Every product that you will find in my store have been personally used either by me or my husband or my family and are the recipes we have formulated to work for us. If you have any questions regarding the products you see here or how we came up with the recipes or if you would like to learn how to do it yourself I would love to hear from you. I welcome any and all comments to be sent to me at:

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me a little better and I can't wait to hear from you!