Shipping Information

Here you will find information about shipping prices, order processing times and estimated delivery times. 

Each Collection in it's description will have the estimated length of time for that group of items to reach their destination. They are listed below.

       - Hand made items- examples include sugar scrubs, handmade diffuser jewelry. These items are all locally made here in South Mississippi and are made to order. These items typically take 5 to 7 days to reach their destinations here in the United States. Shipping over seas typically takes longer due to distance and customs. 

       - Items being shipped from the warehouse- examples of these include home and office diffusers, stainless steel diffuser pendants, glass bottles and other supplies for essential oils. These items are shipped from very large warehouses over seas to ensure the lowest possible prices for those who wish to buy in bulk. Please keep this in mind when planning for big events to allow yourself the time needed for your items to arrive. Items shipped from the warehouse typically take 12-21 days to reach their destinations anywhere both in and outside the United States. 

Expedited shipping is available for certain items upon request. 

All orders are processed within 3 days. I try to process immediately upon receiving orders. 

All orders have tracking numbers, these are available upon request at the moment, (I am working to streamline this process to include it in the shipping notification email and hope to have this added soon. Sorry! Not that tech savy yet!) 

Prices for shipping:

Small items - $6.95

Heavier items such as glass bottles, bulk orders - $9.95