Citrus and Green Tea Sugar Scrub

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In search of the perfect gift this holiday season? One that says WOW! Yet, priced within reason? This wonderful sugar scrub is truly amazing! It's scent of green tea and citrus is most pleasing! 

 Made from the finest ingredients and crafted with love, this scrub for your skin is a gift from above! The sugar exfoliates leaving skin silky smooth while coconut and honey leave skin soft and renewed.

 For those prone to acne, this scrub is a must. For green tea and honey make a powerful force! They vanquish blackheads and banish inflammation, as well as restore a more glowing complexion. 

And for those of old age who are wrinkled and pruny, it’s citrus for you and, yes, again honey! The lemon revives that dulled wrinkled skin, and honey restores your natural collagen. 

So for the perfect morning pick me up that’s super hydrating I highly recommend this sugary sensation! 

Available in:

- 2oz Lip Scrub

- 8oz Body Scrub

Ingredients: Sugar, honey, vitamin E, coconut oil, green tea, orange, lime and lemon essential oils.